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Director of Research

Prism Advisory Group, LLC is a Newtown, PA based Registered Investment Advisor focused on financial planning, investment management, and asset protection on behalf of its clients. When it comes to investing, Prism maintains its own internal research department giving them the ability to construct individual portfolios that are well aligned with the risk posture of each client’s plan.

“factorE made an immediate impact in our position sizing & asset allocation efforts for our portfolios” – Jill Guess, CAIA

As part of their investment & monitoring process, Prism employs a blend of quantitative historical performance data and quantitative efforts regarding money management, hedge funds, and mutual fund portfolio managers… meaning access to the most sophisticated and up-to-date analytics & investment information is of the utmost importance.

When it came to choosing an internal tool to augment this process, factorE was the ideal solution. “factorE made an immediate impact in our position sizing & asset allocation efforts for our portfolios,” said Jill Guess, CAIA, Prism’s Director of Research.

“Portfolio construction is critical to the families we serve. factorE’s state-of-the-art analytics platform helped us to make informed allocation decisions while also providing a digestible format that suited both our internal meetings and our client interactions. The results help us construct truly diversified portfolios built to weather whatever the markets bring in the future, which also helps our clients stick to their investment plans.”

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Prism has significant experience in the use of more sophisticated assets, such as alternative investments. factorE provides a particular niche here is well: “A few clicks are the equivalent of hours of quantitative analysis. factorE’s machine learning can take complex analysis problems like factor exposures and boil them into simple charts where we can view risk factor betas across all of our assets, correlations across a multitude of time frames, and determine potential duplicative or unique sources of return.”

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