Belanger, Jonathan

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Jonathan Belanger serves as Chief Technology Officer for AlphaCore Technologies. He oversees the development of factorE, the product roadmap, and the creation of the underlying risk models.

Jonathan’s experience is broad, ranging from serving previously as AlphaCore Capital’s Director of Research and chair of the investment committee, to conceiving the initial mockup of factorE, to overseeing the efforts in the firm’s integrations between various operational systems. He is an avid proponent of learning, creativity, and the Python language and believes simple workflow is the key to enabling others to be successful.

Jonathan began his professional life as a classical pianist and quickly moved into finance and investments, where he worked in roughly 10 different departments at Commonwealth Financial Network before settling into Investment Research in 2007. He was ultimately responsible for the onboarding and management of liquid alternative strategies in Commonwealth’s model management program before leaving to help Dick to launch AlphaCore Capital in 2015.

In building portfolios, Jonathan wanted to be sensitive to the factors portfolios would be exposed to over time and did not find a tool in the marketplace that effectively addressed factors for multi-asset portfolios. So, he began to program some things in R and Python while Dick (the firm’s CEO) used some of his connections to find a team well versed in architecting performant tools able to handle large amounts of data.

Today, factorE’s multi-dimensional risk engine uses machine learning techniques to deconstruct portfolio risks, show factor exposures of assets and accounts, and offers real-time feedback as a user looks through history to see risk factors and how they have changed over time.

In addition to performing as a pianist, JB was the lead singer, guitarist and pianist in a band, and recorded with 12-time Grammy-award winning producer, T-Bone Burnett.  He still writes and performs occasionally.

For those interested in a laugh at JB’s expense:

Education & Accreditation:

  • Conservatory at Baldwin-Wallace College, Music Studies, Piano Performance
  • CFA® Charterholder