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Cornerstone Software Development, Inc. (CSDI) is a software development and systems engineering company with its main office in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. CSDI was founded in 1989 and has a long track record of delivering successful software systems that address a broad spectrum of needs.

CSDI has worked in a variety of markets since its inception including telecom/wireless, logistics, transportation, cinema/media and financial technology. Our primary concentration has been in developing software that integrates or communicates with custom hardware and technologies that are developed by our clients. Our projects have included:

• Applications that present complex concepts and data as graphic visualizations with interaction to make them easy to understand. CSDI develops both 2D web based and 3D game engine-based applications, providing a practical user interface layout that showcases technical information along with eye-catching graphics and touch interaction
• Commercial grade, data-centric web applications tailored to suit the needs of our clients and their users. We specialize in applications that store, filter and summarize data that is collected from large populations of devices in real time enabling users to make sound decisions with less effort
• Database design and implementation, especially for high throughput transaction processing
• Machine-to-machine communications, both off-the-shelf and custom
• Security, encryption and authentication (signing) systems
• Distribution and maintenance of software systems

CSDI has worked with its clients in every phase of software and systems development from system design, design review, scheduling, implementation, documentation generation, testing, delivery, training and maintenance.