Modify Your Portfolio [article]

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Edit your portfolio by adding or removing accounts, adding assets, creating custom assets, and more.

Managing your portfolio is easy with factorE’s touch-enabled user interface. Use factorE comfortably on an iPhone, iPad (it’s my personal favorite on an iPad), a Microsoft Surface, or any Andriod phone. Simply click/tap on “Manage Portfolio” and follow these step-by-step instructions to make changes.

Select a portfolio

Here you can:

  • Rename the portfolio
  • Add a description
  • Add and remove accounts
  • Rename accounts
  • Export to CSV
  • Save as a new portfolio

As an example, I’m going to add a new asset to my IRA account.

I can either type a ticker or the fund’s name.

After adding a $15,000 asset to the account, I notice my account is overallocated.

I can handle the over-allocation in three different ways:

  1. Reduce holdings
    – Account value stays at $100,000
    – Every asset is prorated (i.e. my $15,000 asset turns into a $13,043 asset)
  2. Remove from cash
    – Account value stays at $100,000
    – Cash is removed from the account
    factorE allows cash to be negative, which in essence turns the account into a margin account
  3. Add $ to account
    – Account value changed to $115,000

This flexible, easy-to-use account creation process allows the user to build almost limitless kinds of portfolios (except portfolios with a value of $0).

If you build a portfolio that is 30x levered, be prepared to see incredibly large betas!!

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