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The Factor Analysis Dashboard [article]

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Adjusting settings, using time window analysis, and other various easter eggs

The dashboard is awesome.

We love the layout (I especially love it on an iPad), but there are definitely a lot of buttons to click. So, let’s walk through the dashboard briefly.

Notice four arrows toward the top of this image:

Walking through the arrows from left to right:

1 – Toggle to group by account or view all holdings at once.

2 – The initial analysis uses the full analysis lifetime, but you can drill down into specific time windows by toggling the “Window” analysis on

Tip: Click the “26 weeks” to adjust the time window to any number of weeks (we include some presets for you, too)

3 – Inside the factor radar module is an option to see the factor breakdown. Click “Factor Breakdown” to toggle to a bar chart that shows contributions to risk

Tip: Click one of the bar charts to see what holdings are contributing to that factor.

4 – Create reports if you like pdfs

Pro Tip: Any analysis settings you use (time windows, custom analysis dates) flow through into the report. This is powerful but with power comes responsibility!

To learn about the individual modules be sure to check out these articles!

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