LA JOLLA, CA – April 2nd, 2019 – AlphaCore Technologies, a subsidiary of La Jolla-based wealth management firm AlphaCore Capital, announced today that they have hired Nicholas Gudz as Chief Marketing Officer. In this pivotal role, he is responsible for overseeing all marketing aspects, branding, and ultimately driving new users of the software platform. Previously, Nicholas was co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Succession Link, the largest digital community connecting financial advisors and RIA’s who are interested in buying, selling or merging their practices. Succession Link surpassed 40,000 users before being acquired in 2018. Additionally, he has held marketing and sales positions with Goldman Sachs & Co and Absolute Capital Management, and First Allied Securities. “The first time I received a demo of factorE, I knew that it provided a unique lens to risk analysis not available to in the marketplace. Having been in the advisory community my entire career, I am excited to help factorE and AlphaCore expand to become the industry leader in the platform arena,” said Gudz.

Gudz joins the expanding team at factorE and AlphaCore Capital as the world of wealth management and FinTech solutions continue to merge.

Nicholas Gudz joins factorE

“The first time I received a demo of factorE, I knew it provided a unique lens to risk analysis not available in the marketplace. Having been in the advisory community my entire career, I am excited to help factorE and AlphaCore expand to become the industry-leading risk analytics platform.”

factorE is a wealth tech platform built for intelligent investing. Powered by machine learning, factorE uncovers the risks and exposures of multi-asset portfolios through visual simulations on a single, easy-to-use interface. factorE helps advisors and analysts to quickly understand and communicate the factor risks impacting today’s diverse portfolios.  To provide seamless workflow, factorE has partnered with a variety of client reporting tools including, SS&C’s Black Diamond Wealth Platform. Advisors can quickly import their client portfolios and instantly understand portfolio risk factors, key benefits include:

  • Easily sync portfolios into factorE
  • Analyze individual accounts or portfolios with multiple accounts
  • Compare before/after portfolios looking atperformance and risk
  • Stress test strategies and portfolios in a multitude of market environments

Portfolios for Tomorrow, Today

“Our team at AlphaCore searched for a solution to effectively manage portfolios that may hold a combination of mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, commodities, and alternative investments,” said Dick Pfister, CEO and Founder of AlphaCore. “When we couldn’t find one, we created factorE and wanted to partner with industry-leading client reporting tools to give advisors seamless workflow for risk management and portfolio reporting.”

The factorE tool allows users to build and analyze portfolios with easy to digest visuals that instantly illustrate the risk factor exposures of a portfolio and uncover risks that previously may have been hidden.

factorE is one of the many tools available on the AlphaCore platform which allows our advisor partners the ability to efficiently run their practice.” said Kirk Strawn, Chief Strategy Officer of AlphaCore Capital. “Incorporating the right factors

is key, especially for unique strategies like alternatives where a single risk score may miss key differences between solutions in the same category. Integrating factorE becomes critical to streamlining the allocation process.”

factorE allows users to look at a variety of risk factors including equity, duration, momentum, value, and credit, along with alternative risk factors like trend following, illiquidity, and hedge fund crowding. This tool augments more traditional returns-based analysis with machine learning capabilities, enabling users to handle traditional strategies alongside alternative strategies such as long/short equity, relative value, event driven, managed futures and option writing.

With factorE, financial professionals can easily and efficiently demonstrate why changes are made to a portfolio and how the changes may help clients in achieving their financial goals.

  • Show clients the risk factors in their portfolios through easy-to-understand graphic representations
  • Evaluate the exposures of smart beta or alternative strategies in one simple interface
  • Design highly customized alternative allocations with confidence
  • Perform scenario analysis by stress testing a portfolio in various economic conditions
  • More effectively incorporate investments with short track records by simulating performance using their factor exposures

factorE is utilized by a cross-section of asset managers, financial advisors, investment banks, family offices, and broker-dealers and is available now at a monthly and annual subscription.

For more information or to schedule a demo, contact the factorE team at or visit

About AlphaCore

AlphaCore is a wealth management and financial technology company that believes methods of asset allocation, client communication and financial planning should evolve with the changing markets. Many sophisticated advisors and clients have been left without generative thinking about portfolio allocation. At AlphaCore, we believe there is a more holistic approach to enhancing customer relationships and portfolio diversification to help achieve long-term goals. AlphaCore launched its proprietary tool and portfolio analytics platform, factorE, to meet advisor needs and fill a void in the market. AlphaCore welcomes your questions and urges you to take advantage of a free trial.



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