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Alternatives? No Problem.

factorE is a portfolio analysis tool built to handle complex multi-asset portfolios with alternative strategies. Understand your risks and make informed changes with a single easy-to-use interface.

Powerful. Easy.

Get useful information on your portfolios’ factor exposures, both current and historical.

load portfolio

Load Your Portfolio

Load your portfolio of mutual funds, ETFs and individual stocks

View Risks

View Risks

Dig into your factor exposures to uncover hidden risks

Make Informed Changes

Make Informed Changes

Compare before-and-after portfolios using scenario analysis and traditional charts

Institutional Quality at a Fraction of the Cost

Analysis tools built to handle multi-asset portfolios are tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and require significant fixed investment. factorE gives you what you need without the up-front hassle or five-figure price tag.

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Factor Research from Industry Experts


Introducing factorE

March 16, 2018 Factor Portfolio Management

An introduction to factorE as a concept, why we created it, and the purposes it can serve for financial professionals and their clients.


Measuring Factor Exposures: Uses and Abuses (JAI)

March 16, 2018 Size Value Equity Factors Factor Research Momentum

This piece provides a brief history of factors, and details the academic literature surrounding factors observed across the equity markets.


Factor-Based Investing (Vanguard)

March 19, 2018 Size Value Equity Factors Credit Defensive Duration Factor Research Fixed Income Factors Momentum

An excellent primer on factor based investing. It covers the history and evolution behind the academic works that serve as today’s foundation for a factor based portfolio risk framework

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